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Nexus | Fronalpstock | Switzerland

Mastering - Post Production

Proud to be a part of this incredible dj set by Nexus for Dance Tv, mastered @ Echo lanes studio !

The Latin word « NEXUS » signifies an element that connects independent elements. This idea was beautifully embodied in August 2023 at Fronalpstock, in the heart of Switzerland, where NEXUS performed a breathtaking sunrise set. At 1921 meters altitude, the journey starts in the dawn with progressive and dark tones, gradually brightening as the sun illuminates the sky, revealing the majestic alpine scenery, the peaceful lakes, and finally, NEXUS

Video on Youtube

Opperion on FT.LOH Records with his new track « 12am »

Mixing & Mastering by David @Echo Lanes Studio

Opperion signs his debut on FT.LOH Records « ALLIANCE VOL.3 » with his single « 12AM ».
A weapon for groove lovers, a subtle boundary between minimal and tech-house, built with a rumbling bassline, electric synths, all coupled with dub influences.
Receiving an Opperion track at the studio is always a nice surprise and a pleasure to mix and master.

Avtel presents : The Climb

Mixing & Mastering By David @Echo Lanes Studio

Gloire Records presents its third EP : The Climb. This one is the last chapter of a trilogy produced by AVTEL. After The Advent, and The Union, The Climb is the culmination of this epic journey. Including the amazing vocal from Dom Fricot, was a big pleasure to mix and master this track at Echo Lanes Studio.

echo lanes sound design